Sunday, March 15, 2009

pre-models finished

After weeks of work, I have finally completed the pre-models for my new group of designs.

What are pre-models you ask? When I make original works in pewter, some times a part is repeated within a piece, or used over and over again as a component of several pieces. Rather than make each of these parts over and over again, I make the part once, and have a casting company make a mold and a number of pre-model castings. Now I can use these castings, together with unique parts, to make unique pieces more efficiently.

The pre-models in this group include some Airship parts, a fabulous pair of bird wings that my Dad made (he gave me permission to use them) a number of bezel settings and some surprises! Among the new pieces that I will be making is a group of Steamy Art Deco pieces. These pieces will include genuine black onyx stones. The four different size and shape bezels that I made are for those stones.

I hope to get the castings back from my caster in a week or so, and have new work finished and into my store by the end of the month.

Keep an eye!

aka SteamSmith

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