Saturday, February 21, 2009

crazy busy week

Sorry that I have been out of touch. It has been quite a week.

Saturday & Sunday I finished, and listed on my Edsy store, my two latest Steamy designs. Check 'em out!

Monday I skied 15 miles. There was a group tour of a section of the Catamount Trail that I wanted to ski - the section is 11 miles. I had the choice of driving 30 miles to join the group, or skiing 4 miles to join the group - so I skied up and over Lincoln Gap Road (closed to vehicles in winter). I was realy beat Monday night.

Tuesday started with my submitting a proposal to sell a group of SteamPunk style jewelry to a new on line store. Wish me luck.

Later on Tuesday I had a doc appointment and learned that I need a new shoulder joint. The good news is that this proceture has a realy good success rate. The bad news, I need to do it!

Thursday I lead a ski tour; 15 skiers on an 8 mile ski that included 1800 vertical feet of up hill, and down. That is a lot of UP hill skiing. Thank goodness for climbing skins.

Friday I started some new Airship designs and did a bunch of catching up.

And this morning, I finaly had my chance to submit my application for membership to the Edsy SteamTeam. That team is a realy creative bunch and seriously active in the SteamPunk gente. Hopfuly I will be joining them soon!

Keep in touch,
Mark aka SteamSmith

Monday, February 9, 2009

another weekend gone

I have spent the weekend fighting a cold. Hate to waste weekends that way.

On Friday I finished my first pair of Steamy cuff links; airship theme. I am working on a new airship necklace now. Hope to have both up on SteamSmithWorks later this week.

Also in the middle of re-organizing inventory, etc. LOTS going on here.

If you have not been to Maries store lately, be sure to check it out. Lots of new product and a GREAT new avatar:


I am back to work,

Mark aka SteamSmith

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

shoveling the roof

Just got in from shoveling the roof. I love living in northern Vermont and I love snow. But shoveling the roof ... not my favorite.

Would much rather be making steamy stuff. Have lots of ideas, limited time & energy. I will try to make creative work a priority for tomorrow morning. I am always at my most creative in the morning.

Sally, nice talking with you yesterday, hope that your computer is back in action by now.

This pic is from last winter, not quite

as much snow this year, but it is only early Feb!


Mark aka SteamSmith

Monday, February 2, 2009

back to work

Skiing "3030" aka Braintree Mountain, went well on Saturday. A jovial group, lots of exercize. One guy had a GPS and emailed the stats last night:

1720' uphill climb

2408' downhill ski

5 miles & 3940 feet total distance

Snow conditions were funky, nice powder on top, a crust that sometimes broke under our weight and sometimes did not was under the powder. So, the downhill skiing that should have been easy turned out to be tricky.

One of the folks in the group, Lynn Fisher, shot some vidio:

I fell in the same spot seconds later.

Lazy day on Sunday.

Now it is back to work. Lots of routeen stuff to do AND I need to get to work on new SteamSmith product.