Monday, December 21, 2009

This blog is now devoted to “historical” information about SteamSmiths’ world - a time and place that might be.

Most of my SteamPunk style creations have a story, a history, behind them; together the histories that go with each design, make up the larger history of the SeamSmith's world. When the pieces are offered online, their part of the story/history is in the product description. Realizing that, as pieces are sold, their part of the larger story is no longer published I decided to devote this blog to that history. As pieces are sold, their histories will be published here, in the context of related pieces.

SteamSmith history - Pirates of the Central Coast part 1

First The Central Coast Marine Militia struck at the heart of the scurrilous pirates infecting their region:

The Avenger submarine brooch/pin

The Central Coast Marine Militia was formed two years ago in response to an alarming increase in piracy in area waters. The CCMM's early attempts to rid the waters of the scourge with militia surface ships met with only modest results, and the ultimate sacrifice by some militia seamen. Deemed unsatisfactory by the militia hierarchy, CCMM then commissioned the secretive Elite Marine Engineering Ltd (EME) company to design and build an underwater warcraft. The vessel was designed and constructed with remarkable speed. Several companies have recently constructed underwater craft, but with limited success. An energy source has been the most persistent problem. Until now, steam had been ruled out because of the problem of exhaust while the craft was underwater. The EME craft has a prominent smokestack, suggesting the use of steampower. When asked generally about the power source, and in particular, what happens to the smoke stack when underwater, EME officials consistently reply the same way. A curt two-word reply, "proprietary information."

The CCMM named the new craft The Avenger in the hope, indeed the expectation, that this vessel would live up to its name. As it turned out, their confidence was well placed. In its first mission the Avenger sank the Darklady considered to be the flagship of (nameless for now)* the most notorious pirate in the Central Coast area. It is not known if he was aboard his flagship when it went down.

Then the Pirates struck back by taking to the skys: Pirate Airship "Revenge" brooch pin

The Pirates of the Central Coast region have unleashed a new weapon upon the commerce and the people of the area.

In recent years, the pirates of the Central Coast area have had their way with shipping in area waters. Many hapless seamen had the misfortune of serving on a vessel that the pirates had set their eyes upon. Fortunes were lost. The cost of life and limb, and the disruption of commerce caused great distress among the people of the region. Even the formation of the Central Coast Marine Militia (CCMM) three years ago had little effect on the havoc wreaked by these scoundrels. That was the case until the CCMM contracted for the services of Elite Marine Engineering Ltd to build an advanced submarine. "The Avenger" as she was christened turned the tables when she sank the pirate flagship "Darklady". Soon after the seas of the Central Coast were pacified under the watchful eyes of the CCMM. The rule of law prevailed.

Though they had been driven from those waters, the pirates were soon to return to the Central Coast area. It seems that resourcefulness is a quality well worn by this dastardly bunch. If the seas were taken from them, then the skies would be there's!

An extraordinarily fierce airship was build. Dubbed "Revenge", those who first saw its destructive abilities could hardly believe their eyes. Surely these thieving pirates did not possess such extraordinary airship building capabilities! Indeed, it has been said that disgruntled employees of Elite Marine Engineering aided the pirates by secretly passing on advanced technology. Regardless of the truth of these accusations, there was no denying the power of the ship. Among its weaponry was a model EM-667 gun, said to bring destructive force greater than Satin himself to any who lay in its way. The ship also features a forward ramming armature and, hidden behind the port porthole, an antique cannon. It is unknown if the pirates chose to place such a relic aboard in a fit of nostalgia, or if they simply had no other weaponry available (antique or not, it proved to be deadly). It is known that even though the pirates went to the considerable trouble to "obtain" the advanced EM-667 gun, they chose to buy a cheap rotating gear for it. As a result the gun does not rotate clockwise & counter clockwise as smoothly as it should; resulting in the occasional escape of an intended victim.

Never the less, the well being of the population of the Central Coast area is in jeopardy!

The Pirates continue to be well armed: Airship Pirate Long Gun EM L3000 brooch pin

When the Airship Pirates of the Central Coast Region “obtained” the amazingly destructive EM 667 canon for their airship “Revenge” they also “obtained” several advanced, remarkably accurate and destructive hand held long guns. This is the EM L3000. It is said to be the weapon that took the life of heroic Captain Giles Magnus in his ill-fated attempt to defend the flagship of the Central Coast Marine Militia air fleet against the pirates dreadnought “Revenge”.

Link to Long Gun brooch

Now Pirates prosper and grow arrogant: Airship Pirate insignia brooch pin

When the scoundrels who call themselves Airship Pirates gather, they proudly identify themselves with this Insignia Brooch. The symbolism is unmistakable; the profile and propeller of an airship with the crossed swords of the Pirates, and the craftsmanship is exceptional.

These Insignia Brooches are closely guarded by the Pirates, so it is no small matter for a good citizen to come into possession of one. Considerable risk was taken to procure this one - which is now available to you for purchase!

Link to Airship Pirate insignia brooch pin

Saturday, December 5, 2009

NewIndustries part 1: First ...

First there was the Corporate Airship (and the brooch/pin):

The latest in airship engineering and luxury, this one-of-a-kind corporate vessel is the one that NewIndustries upper management used recently to travel to the Capital to meet with politicians. Money was discussed. Reportedly the industrialists were pleased.

NewIndustries Part 1: Then there was the celebration (and the necklace):

Then there was the celebration (and the necklace):

NewIndustries recently unveiled their new corporate executive airship with a gala inaugural flight. Superbly engineered and crafted the vessel is said to be the most luxurious in the sky. Guests at the gala included not only the elite of the NewIndustries corporate executives, but also prominent artists, performers, politicians and aviators. All were treated to the finest Champaign and to culinary delights too delectable for words. Music was performed by the most extraordinary musicians on the continent. And, to make the evening extra memorable, all of the ladies aboard were presented with this commemorative necklace.

NewIndustrues Part 1: then - Tri-Stack

Then: NewIndustries Rapid Transport Tri-Stack Airship (and the brooch/pin)

Long the leader in commercial Airship design, NewIndustries recently unveiled this tri-stack model. Indented for the rapid transport of freight - particularly small parcels - this model is remarkably powerful for its size and is capable of transporting considerable freight at speeds equal to, or exceeding, most passenger vessels.

NewIndustries Ltd, part 1 : Heavy Cargo Airship

NewIndustries Ltd recently unveiled a new class of commercial airship.  The Heavy Cargo Airships, or "Heavy Haulers" were specifically designed for carrying commercial freight.  Incredibly powerful, the Heavy Hauler is considered yet another triumph for NewIndustries Ltd, securing their place as the leading builder of steam powered airships.