Friday, March 8, 2013

The completed barrel (YES, the propeller SPINS!):

SteamSmith is Over-a-Barrel!  

Well, actually, I have just been invited to work on Vermont’s Barrel Project.  Selected artists have been given Rain Barrels to transform into works of art.  The completed barrels will be displayed on Burlington’s Church Street and down-the-hill-to-the-lake (Lake Champlain) on College Street.  The idea is to raise awareness about the problem of urban run of water.

For my barrel I have chosen a SteamPunk Nautilus theme.  I will make a two dimensional (more or less) Nautilus submarine out of contrasting metals and wrap it around the barrel.  Of course there will be more to the project; additional design elements, some three dimensional work, etc.  I’ll learn more about what I am doing, as I do it!

Should be fun.

If you are in Burlington VT this summer, visit Church & College Streets, and my barrel.