Thursday, March 12, 2009


Counting is important. Counting how many pieces in inventory, counting how many days until Christmas and counting on a friend.
It is also important to count the number of people, in our neighborhood, in the area, in the country.

Lucky me, I get to do some of that, soon! Yes, I have accepted a temporary job with the US Census! I start next month. This means that my new shoulder will have to wait.

You can count on me to continue my creative work while at the Census, and I will be back in the studio full time this summer.

Mark aka SteamSmith


  1. The link from Face Book works great.
    I'm surprised about the census. I thought they didn't start counting us until 2010.

    How long will you have to put off your shoulder surgery?

  2. Actualy the work this year is preliminary. The full census will be in 2010.