Friday, March 6, 2009

Getting the Hang of it

I am starting to get the hang of blogging and the whole social aspect of the internet.

Today I started a blog on my 1000Markets store, and left a long (possibly too long!) message on the 1000Markets "Vermont ... a way of life" forum.


I am now looking into Tweeter and Facebook, and I know that I need to do more with my profile here. Wish me luck.

I have to make this short today as I need to run into town to ship a few things and I hope to get in a short ski on the Catamount Trail - looks like good corn snow conditions right now!



  1. OK--- I'll bite.

    What is corn snow????


  2. When snow thaws, refrezes and thaws again (often many cycles in the Spring)flakes join together, loose all of its sharp points, and take on the appearence of curnels of corn.

    If you catch it early in the thaw part of the cycle, you have a wanderful creamy surface to ski on. If you wait too long, and the thaw works its way deep into the snow pack, it is more like trying to ski in mashed potatos.