Tuesday, February 3, 2009

shoveling the roof

Just got in from shoveling the roof. I love living in northern Vermont and I love snow. But shoveling the roof ... not my favorite.

Would much rather be making steamy stuff. Have lots of ideas, limited time & energy. I will try to make creative work a priority for tomorrow morning. I am always at my most creative in the morning.

Sally, nice talking with you yesterday, hope that your computer is back in action by now.

This pic is from last winter, not quite

as much snow this year, but it is only early Feb!


Mark aka SteamSmith


  1. Dear Mark,

    It was good to hear from you too. Shoveling your roof does not sound like fun. Do you need to stand on top of your roof when you shovel it. I know you have a sod roof and I wonder if your foot goes through the sod if you stand on it.

    It seems to me I heard that you are planning to make some Steam Punk cuff links. Is that true? I’m looking forward to seeing the kind of cuff links you will make. It strikes me that a clock like the one you have in your piece “The Key to space and time, pin/brooch” would make a really nice set of cuff links. Perhaps, with a couple of gears showing behind the hands of the clock.

    I also had this wild idea for cuff links. I know that women often like to wear mismatching sets of earrings. I wonder if men would like cuff links of that sort. The wild idea I had was to take one of your airships or submarines and have the front part the one cuff link and the back part be the other – as if the ship was passing through the body of the wearer.

    Will you be making earrings any time in the future? It seems to me that earrings similar to one of the keys in your “M'Lady Locked and UnLocked necklace” would make really nice dangle earrings. Perhaps men would like a smaller version of it as just one key earring.

    Well just some crazy ideas I thought I’d throw out there. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

    Best wishes,

  2. Sally,
    Glad that you are back on line.
    My first pair of cuff links are done. They are on the airship theme. I hope to get pic of them, and the new necklace that I am working on onto SteamSmithWorks.Etsy later this week.

    You have lots great ideas!

    If only I had more time & energy!

    Have you checked out Marie's store lately. www.impulsiveart.Etsy.com

    She has put up lots of new stuff!

    By the way, there is plywood under the sod, no going through when standing on the roof!

    Mark aka SteamSmith