Wednesday, January 14, 2009

second day

Yes, it is my second day as a blogger!

Some work and some play today. I strapped on the skis and headed out the back door this afternoon; about an hour of cross country skiing. Good for the heart.

Have been thinking a lot about the SteamPunk work. Decided that my next peice will be a submarine. Came up with a name and started to write the copy before I had a good idea of what it should look like, but I have that in my head now. All that is left to do is to make it!

Looking forward to my first visator comment.

Back to work,

Mark aka SteamSmith


  1. Hello,

    I love your work! Your new line of Steamsmith Works is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

    What a great idea. Your intricate detail work and creativity are the sign of a true master craftsman!

    I particularly like “The Key to space and time, pin/brooch” and the “M'Lady Locked and UnLocked necklace.”

    Beautiful work!

    I also really like the things on your MarkieMoose site. I love the skiing Moose. I hope you enjoyed going skiing. That’s really great that you can ski right out your back door.

    Is there a link from your SteamSmithWorks site to your blog?

    Is there a link to directly go from your SteamSmithWorks site to your MarkieMoose site?

    Best wishes,

    Sally D

  2. Sally,

    Thanks for you kind remarks. I look forward to making more of this stuff!

    All three of my Etsy stores now have the address to this blog on them. It is not a link, don't know if I can set it up as a link.

    If anyone knows how I can put links into the "accouncement" on my Etsy stores, please let me know.

    Sally, thanks again,