Friday, January 30, 2009

busy week

Lots going on is SteamSmith world this week.

Started a NEW airship pin. Hope to have it finished and up on Etsy next week.

Had a big ski on Wed - long solo climb with lots of trail breaking, in a snow storm. Lots more wind up high than I had expected. Home safe and sound, and lots of exercise.

Another big ski tomorrow. Will be skiing up & down "3030" (central Vermont) with a group of 20 or so other skiers. Lots of trail breaking expected - report is that there is 16 inches of new snow at the bottom of the route - probably means more at the top. Will be good to have a large group to help break trail.

And Nancys daugher, Dana Lee, has been staying with us this week. She is back from her 2 year assignment in China and is about to begin a 2 year stint in Australia. So it is great that she and her Mom get to spend this time together.

Dana promices to leave my new SteamSmith cards in the "right" places in Phily (her next stop in the States) and Sydney (where she will be working). It would be great for me to hook up with an urban market or two.

Meanwhile, lots of work to do, so I am off to it.

Mark aka SteamSmith

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  1. I think your new work is absolutely incredible!!! I can only hope to ever have a slight shadow of your talent.
    Simply Amazing!!!

    I think you are going to blow the Steam Punk away!