Monday, December 21, 2009

SteamSmith history - Pirates of the Central Coast part 1

First The Central Coast Marine Militia struck at the heart of the scurrilous pirates infecting their region:

The Avenger submarine brooch/pin

The Central Coast Marine Militia was formed two years ago in response to an alarming increase in piracy in area waters. The CCMM's early attempts to rid the waters of the scourge with militia surface ships met with only modest results, and the ultimate sacrifice by some militia seamen. Deemed unsatisfactory by the militia hierarchy, CCMM then commissioned the secretive Elite Marine Engineering Ltd (EME) company to design and build an underwater warcraft. The vessel was designed and constructed with remarkable speed. Several companies have recently constructed underwater craft, but with limited success. An energy source has been the most persistent problem. Until now, steam had been ruled out because of the problem of exhaust while the craft was underwater. The EME craft has a prominent smokestack, suggesting the use of steampower. When asked generally about the power source, and in particular, what happens to the smoke stack when underwater, EME officials consistently reply the same way. A curt two-word reply, "proprietary information."

The CCMM named the new craft The Avenger in the hope, indeed the expectation, that this vessel would live up to its name. As it turned out, their confidence was well placed. In its first mission the Avenger sank the Darklady considered to be the flagship of (nameless for now)* the most notorious pirate in the Central Coast area. It is not known if he was aboard his flagship when it went down.

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